The Wines of Valpolicella are famous all around the world, therefore they have been rewarded with prestigious international awards.  The presence of the producer is at the discretion of the same, but there will be always an expert sommelier. Below is a selection of wineries chosen by us:

Az. agr. Viviani

Az. agricola Corte Sant’Alda

Az. Agricola Bertani

Az. Agricola Quintarelli

Az. Agricola Romano Dal Forno

Az. Agricola Villa Spinosa

Az. Agricola Valentina Cubi

Tenuta Ugolini

Tenute Villabella

Winery of your choice

Now select if you want to do the tasting at the winery or by boat.

Producer Winery

By Boat

 Select the type of tasting you want:
Gold Taste wine with taste of local products.

Diamond Taste wine with the most delicious courses.

Platinum Taste  for the most refined palates the excellence of the chosen wine cellar with a dedicated menu.